If Christianity were like Hinduism, the downside

This post is a follow on from the previous post If Christianity were like Hinduism. It will make more sense if you read that post first.

If Christianity were like Hinduism people would criticise protestants for the pronouncements of the Pope. They would criticise Catholics for the practices of the early Mormons and Mormons for the beliefs of the ancient Mithras cult.

If Christianity were like Hinduism peope would point to the Nazis as an example of Christian culture. Some would say that the cross should be banned, because Hitler gave out iron crosses. They would look at gang violence in inner cities and say “that’s what happens when you have Christianity”.

If Christianity were like Hinduism people would say that they knew about Christianity because they had read about Rasputin. They would ask you how a religion could claim that it was good to sin because then you could be forgiven, because forgiveness was divine. You would tell them it was wrong, this wasn’t what Christians believed. A week later they would ask you why Christians thought it was good to sin…

If Christians were like Hindus most people would know little about Christianity. The may have learned about Christianity  from the Life of Brian. They would have seen pictures of rosaries, orthodox icons and seen Christian Flagellants. They would think this was common practice because many books, web sites and TV programs would depict it. They would have some idea that there was a story about a virgin and a carpenter, who might have come out of  Egypt across the Red Sea. Oh and an expert would have told them that Christians think its good to sin so they can be forgiven. This would qualify them to question what you told them about your faith.

If Christians were like Hindus, many people would not know the difference between Christians and Muslims. They would say that they could not see how anyone could believe in a religion with so many contradictory text, the Bible, the Koran and the Book of Mormon. And what about the black mass, that seems a bit extreme.

If Christians were like Hindus they would be fair game for ridicule. People would go to parties dressed as Jesus and Mary. They would make films like “the Love Priest”. They would know that Christians are peaceable and take no action. They would appoint Professors of Christian Studies who believed that Christianity was wrong, primitive and immoral. People would protest if Christians said prayers in the US senate, and say that no Hindu should ever hold office.

You would tell them no, all that is wrong. Then they would ask you why Christians thought it was good to sin.

4 responses to “If Christianity were like Hinduism, the downside

  1. Ashutosh Kumar

    Your devotion and brilliance amazes me.

  2. Beautiful ! clearly shows the irony and cowardly attitude that is plagued in Hindu societies.

    Oh! I forgot the eternal statement. “Hindus love Self Hatred.”

  3. To Ashutosh Kumar
    Thanks for your very kind comments. I just condensed what I have learned from many knowledgeable people over the last few years. I would not have been able to write anything like this a couple of years ago, it is thanks to Shiva that I have come so far.

    To Sitha
    I think you have misunderstood what I am trying to convey. I have written a post trying to explain further.

  4. Very nicely written. Impressive.

    I do feel I have to mention (though I am a Hindu myself), that there are violent people in every religion, no matter how peaceful it is supposed to be.

    Despite Hinduism’s peace-loving, it doesn’t change that there has been and still is horrific violence committed by Hindus against Muslims. It’s a simplification to say (as in the previous post) that there would not be an inquisition.

    People always find an excuse for violence. The extremist Hindus point to the Ramayana and say that the Muslims are the “Ravana of our time”, as misguided as that sounds. There are a large faction who believe that and there are still very bloody riots against other people only for their beliefs.

    I don’t mean to be critical because I really respect you and what you’re doing and you’re right that Hinduism in its definition does not believe in violence, but neither does Christianity.

    To say there is no violence from Hindus is, sadly, just not true.

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