If Christianity were like Hinduism

If Christianity were like Hinduism there would have been no Inquisition. The Cathars would have been accepted as non-Orthodox Christians and not exterminated. People would have been free to publish books saying that the earth went round the sun. The response to Heretics would be to argue against them rather than execute them.  Even the extreme who reversed the rules of faith and held black mass would only be fought with words.

If Christianity were like Hinduism then everyone would accept that Mormons and Jehovas Witnesses  were fellow Christians. The response to Waco would have been what had made someone’s Christian belief go so wrong, not to deny that they were Christians.

If Christianity were like Hinduism then Christians would see continuity with the Jewish faith, Kabbalists and Jews would be seen as traditional and mystic branches of the religion. Christians would acknowledge the link with Mithras and with Greep philosophy and feel pride in their long heritage and how their faith evolved.

If Christianity were like Hinduism and Islam were like the beliefs that sprung from Hinduism, then the only conflicts with Muslims would be over land and politics. Religion would be a healing rather than a dividing factor. The biggest religious disagreement would be that some Christians would say they were an unorthodox branch of Christianity whereas they would prefer to think of themselves as a separate religion.

If Christians were like Hindus they would celebrate the different faiths in the world, not demonise them. They would hold their faith firm but take interest in other beliefs. They would be concerned about their own spiritual progress, rather than thinking that they were saved and it was a done deal.  They would offer their teachings to those who wanted to learn, but not force them on those who took no interest.

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  1. Caste System is not just Racism, but it is much more Vicious, Venomous, Evil and Cruel; Caste System is Racism, Fascism and Nazism

    It is a shame that so many people keep holding these inaccurate ideas. The caste system was not originally part of Hinduism, is condemned by many Hindus and is not central to Hindu beliefs. Please read my post on the caste system. for details. The one thing that this article does not mention is that the colours of the caste system do not refer to skin colour but to attributes, described as white, red, yellow and black. These refer to character tendencies in terms of the three Gunas
    – Chris

    It has been frequently written about these days and even the so-called intellectuals and the social scientists in CASTE INDIA keep saying with absolute arrogance that ‘The Caste System cannot be clubbed with Racism because Caste System is not Racism and also this is the “internal problem of India” and therefore the world community cannot and should not discuss the hindu Caste System in “The United Nations Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance to be held in Durban, South Africa during August 28 and September 1, 2001”. This only shows how much these so-called hindu intellectuals and social scientists are immersed in the evil teachings of HINDU SATANIC CULT and thus adamantly adhere to the appalling intellectual dishonesty. They are such intellectual prostitutes by their conspiracy of deafening silence always maintain that they are ready and willing to prostitute their so-called intelligence to protect their ill-gotten benefits out of an unique hindu evil and inhuman system of dreadful and grisly Caste System. By maintaining iron-fisted arrogance of upholding this evil Caste System, the venomous manifestation of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult, these evil hindu creatures want the perpetuation and the continuation of the most heinous and unspeakable vicious crimes, atrocities, and abuses against humanity at any cost. And the most heinous and ferocious practice of untouchability that is being imposed on the desperately innocent citizens of Caste India by the EVIL CASTE SYSTEM of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult is the daily occurrence in Caste India at free will and at ease.

    The barbarous hindus are so dishonest and mentally corrupt to the core that they are not even willing to go back in time to investigate as to how this evil Caste System came into practice. What is this Caste System? It is nothing but VARNASHRAMA DHARMA! What is Varna? What is the real meaning of this word Varna? VARNA simply means COLOR. Yes, even a child would tell you that COLOR simply means RACE. I am not even going to the origin of this evil Caste System in detail, but one should at least be honest enough to know and accept as decent human beings that the white Aryans from Central Asia, nomadic and barbaric thugs, invaded India (The glorious Indus Valley Civilization) which had been inhabited by the dark-skinned people who migrated from Ethiopia long, long time ago. However, after the victory of the barbarous white aryans over the peace-loving dark-skinned people of India (our glorious ancestors), the barbarous white aryans devised an evil system to keep their white folks away from the native dark and the subjugated masses. This is how the evil VARNA (CASTE) System came to be part of the living hell of India, and thereafter India also tragically became Caste India. To substantiate and permanently sustain this diabolical Caste System, the white aryans invented millions of gods and goddesses, most cruel karma theory, tons of superstitions, dogmas, fear-instilled blind faiths, all in the name of barbarous “brahminism”.

    Later on, the obnoxious brahminism was and still is referred to as “hinduism” (the name given by the invading ignorant Muslims), but really and truly it is actually “Satanic Cult”, thus made the evil Caste System a divinely ordained evil system, and every other ‘cock and bull’ stories to make the subjugated and the original populations of India to believe (nay, brain washed by all the evil forces) and made them to follow those evil stories and to be the willing slaves of the vicious white aryans. This is the reason the evil Caste System is in fact referred to as “Sanctified Racism”. The white aryans also, in the meantime, invented numerous castes and thousands of sub-castes and the evil and unique practice of untouchability with all kinds of filthy ‘purity and pollution’ standards BY BIRTH (if anyone says that the evil Caste System is only designed for people to perform various jobs as per their abilities functional divisions, they cunningly call it -, then the world should ask a simple question to the barbarous hindus: if so, why the unfortunate people in Caste India are stratified and compartmentalized AT BIRTH and BY BIRTH into different graded inequality of thousands of evil castes and sub-castes, the most obnoxious and barbarous system of untouchability and a section of the indigenous people as Untouchables and Outcastes – out side the evil Caste System – the non-caste people and therefore non-hindus! – Can anyone know what a child can do or what its intellectual level is when that child is still in its infancy? But still the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult puts a stamp of an evil caste on that innocent child AT BIRTH itself). The Untouchables are so impure and that a hindu should not touch them and if he/she does, they will get ritually polluted. (Unless it is sexual – an absolute humiliation and open exhibition of total domination and authority over the masses, then there is no Untouchability!). The Untouchables were and still are permanently chained down with supposedly full approval of all the evil hindu gods and goddesses, and with absolutely no hope of this chain of evil slavery ever be broken as long as the hindu Satanic Cult is practiced, dignified and glorified in Caste India. This is the dirty history and also today’s reality of the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult.

    This evil, most cruel Caste System of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult is the longest existing evil racism in the history of mankind (over 3,500 years), and no one and no one at all in the world would say a word against this evil Caste System, including those famous human beings, Hon. Nelson Mandela of South Africa and late Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., of USA who fought against the other racist systems of the world. No attention outside Caste India about this evil Caste System is ever paid because the world is not allowed to hear the cries and screams of 300 plus million Dalits inside and outside the boundaries of Caste India, and the outside world is absolutely blind and refuses to think and analyze the existing facts in Caste India.

    The author wrote two letters to the then President of United States, Mr. Bill Clinton, to raise the Dalits and the evil Caste issues in Caste India when he went to that country for a visit last year. What Bill Clinton actually did in Caste India is a sad reflection of what most every foreigner inside and outside Caste India does. Bill Clinton went to Caste India, wined, dinned and everything else, danced and came back to the United States like a mouthless, brainless and heartless individual without any honest and moral courage. Bill Clinton uttered not a word about the 300 plus million suffering Dalits, the evil Caste System or any of the gory human right violations in the most violent country in the world, Caste India. If Bill Clinton could act in such cowardice manner, one can easily imagine what other foreigners would do in Caste India! When anyone from anywhere in the world goes to Caste India, a caste-ridden hindu will meet this person, wine him/her, dine him/her, show them the beautiful Taj Mahal and other Muslim historical buildings and take them through other carefully orchestrated tour routes, and provide every other comforts, no matter what those might be, to the outsiders. Then, the foreign visitors quietly leave the venomous Caste India without ever asking any questions or making any observations of the evil Caste reality, but saying only all the nice things that their hosts, the evil caste hindus, want them to say, like brainless dummies. What a tragedy! The barbarous hindus would care less for the cries of the 300 plus million Dalits because their hindu Satanic Cult has completely brainwashed them to ignore or even enjoy the cries of Dalits because the life of a Dalit is far cheaper and meaningless than any animal in Caste India. In addition, the unfortunate Untouchables or Outcastes (DALITS – Broken, Crushed, Oppressed, Subjugated people; also it means ‘Rooted in the Soil’, meaning original or indigenous people) were and still are oppressed, suppressed, segregated, brutalized, persecuted, marginalized, burn them alive, force them to eat human waste and drink human urine, women folks paraded naked in public places, rape them in every way including gang rapes and butcher the Dalits at will and ease; forced the Dalits to perform all the degrading and demeaning tasks and heap every insult upon the Dalits, pure mental slavery, with no remorse and impunity whatsoever, but with every iron-fisted force of enslavement to make them completely loose all hopes of being human beings – the sadistic hindus perpetrating the sadistic inhuman atrocities on the hopeless and helpless Dalits; however, the barbarous hindus faithfully follow the orders of the teachings of the sadistic hindu Satanic Cult to make the lives of the Dalits hopeless, helpless and despair and immersed in a spiral life of every violence and agony. The 300 plus million Dalits have essentially turned out to be permanent, obedient, free and willing slaves of the barbarous hindus, enslavement of not only the body but much more dangerous and permanent mind or mental slavery; all because of the obnoxious teachings of the hindu Satanic Cult, and if the Dalits don’t obey the orders of the obnoxious hindus, the Dalits will be barbarically dealt with and finally see to it that they are butchered ‘like rabbits’ with every indignation known to man. The barbarous hindus brutalized and criminalized the Indian society as a whole through treachery and deceit. The barbarous hindus are also the looters, robbers, usurpers and the true gravediggers and grave robbers. The barbarous hindus also keep telling the world as well as the ignorant and illiterate Dalits that the Dalits are brainless, dull and have no intelligence, no merit what so ever and cannot function in any work of substance, and thus rob them of everything including their basic thinking power.

    The Dalits are not allowed to read and write, as they are denied basic education with absolute pathetic living environment in segregated slums, no proper schools, abject poverty and every other disadvantage that make a person live like an animal. They cannot even go near the barbarous hindu gods’ temples, cannot carry arms, own property and the barbarous hindus enforced every conceivable restrictions on the Dalits (brutal penalty if they do not obey any of the evil caste rules) to be permanently ignorant and obedient and dumb slaves. Brutally massacring the Dalits is a pass time for the caste-infested hindus in Caste India, because no one will ever question these atrocities, no matter what the laws and rules have been written on paper in Caste India. Volumes have to be written to list all these brutal atrocities of heart rending persecutions committed on the poor, ignorant and innocent 300 plus million Dalits by the barbarous caste-ridden hindus in Caste India alone (Please see, for example, a book “Broken People – Caste Violence Against India’s Untouchables” by the Human Rights Watch, New York, USA, March 1999, on Dalit atrocities in Caste India). The caste-ridden hindus continue to perpetuate these evil and vicious inhuman crimes on Dalits with stony and hardened hearts and at free will even today because the caste hindu government of Caste India continues to protect these criminals, and the international community too behave like the three monkeys – Will Not See, Will Not Hear, and Will Not Speak, and keep adding fuel to the already violently burning flame. The barbarous caste-ridden Indian government might say that the Caste System may be an internal matter and purely a domestic problem, but if the 300 million Dalits would explode, the whole world will have to answer as the international community is as guilty or more guilty than those perpetrators of the vicious crimes on humanity in Caste India. The evil Caste System is more dangerous, barbarous, tyrannical, evil, and cruel than any other forms of racism – slavery and apartheid – the barbarous hindus have created an unpropitious and evil social system with frightening and fiery outcome because of its cunning and crafty manipulations and disguises, the most inhuman tragedy of any magnitude the world has ever seen. There could be slight modifications here in this explanation, but no one can deny the basic facts in these statements with honesty and human decency.

    Can anyone in the world, including the barbarous hindus, say that a similar vicious system exists anywhere in the world? No, no parallel in the entire world! Caste India is the graveyard of every human right violations anyone can think of. The evil Caste System exists wherever the barbarous hindus live, whether it is in Caste India or anywhere else on this planet, as the barbarous hindus always carry their cruel and poisonous Caste System with them, as they are sick and they have only sick and cruel mind, conditioned by the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult. Look at the matrimonial columns in any newspapers wherever the barbarous hindus live, not only in Caste India but also in the US, where the barbarous hindus find matches for their children for marriage – any newspaper in any city; ‘India Abroad’ in New York City, ‘India Tribune’ in Chicago and ‘India West’ in San Francisco, for example where they specifically and strictly ask for their own Castes and sub-castes basis. So, how can the so-called hindu intellectuals and the social scientists deny the simple fact that the evil Caste System is at least as worst as racism, to put it in a simplistic way? Because, they are one hundred percent intellectually dishonest and that is the reason that they can lie through their noses and hide the bare facts about the evil Caste System.

    The barbarous hindus have also been cheating the gullible and willingly ignorant people of the world to look at the other side and ignore when human right violations of the worst kind are occurring routinely and as a matter of fact in Caste India every day. It is also cheating the international community proclaiming that the Caste India is the ‘largest working democracy’ in the world, and the world seems to shamefully believe this blatant lie without ever asking a simple question as to what kind of democracy can survive in a country where 300 plus million Dalits are oppressed, segregated and exploited for the last 3,500 years and this still happily continues without any shred of shame. Should not the Dalits put the entire blame for their suffering on the international community for being reckless in not knowing as well as not wanting to know the facts about the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult and Caste India, the original home of racism in the world? What a shame! Only a person who does not understand or does not want to understand the true meaning of the word ‘democracy’ can say that the Caste India is a democracy. It is in fact a hollow and more so a fake democracy! Just because a country has political elections (that too, one needs to really study how many people are killed, not allowed to vote, purchase votes for few bucks or even one-time meal or absolute intimidation to vote for someone or be killed, or their women folks dishonored in every which way, their huts burnt, ballot boxes destroyed, the polling booths looted, polling officers hurt and killed all with full support of the ‘criminals in uniform’ Caste Indian police, in order to prevent the innocent and helpless masses from exercising even this basic right in a supposedly democratic country!) that does not mean that this country has democracy. Dr. B. R. Ambedkar has said long time ago that a country cannot have political democracy unless that country has absolute social democracy. Caste India does not even know what social democracy is all about because it has the most vicious and venomous Caste System, which is diagonally opposite to what social democracy, is all about. So how can democracy ever survive in a country, which is immersed in the evil hindu Caste System with ingrained social discrimination, oppression, exploitation and every other gory atrocity?

    Instead of going through the definitions and descriptions of the words, caste and race, and their deeds, which could very well be termed as an academic exercise, let us see the implications and how racism and the evil Caste System were and are practiced in the world. Let us first take Racism – Slavery and Apartheid – are two examples of how the other forms of racism have been practiced in the world. Both were evil systems, and there is absolutely no doubt about this fact! But, let us go into the details of these two evil systems and then compare this racism with the most evil mother of all racisms, the poisonous Caste System: It is also a fact that these two evil Racisms are in general no more in practice in the world, except in small pockets of areas in the world where still few bigoted people (always) live! Now, let us ask a simple question: How were these racisms practiced, and how and why they disappeared from the face of this planet?

    Racism is purely, simply and primarily an economically based system; extracting free labor from the slaves, using every available cruel torture mechanisms to achieve this goal, merely a physical system and not a direct mental system. This is the reason why the slaves were allowed into their masters’ homes to cook, to rear their children, to help with every house-hold chores of the masters including helping the daily needs of their (white) women, and in many instances the slave women were forced into pleasing the sexual desires of the male masters. Instances where the Black men were forced to please sexual pleasures of the white master women too are in record. In essence, the slaves had free access to every nook and corner of the slave masters’ houses and they can touch each other, sit next to each other, etc. The slaves were told that they were slaves because of their skin color and nothing else. No ‘untouchability’ was ever part of these evil racisms. Apparently, no god and no religion (would not be a religion, if so!) played any part in these evil racisms. I am not anyway implying here that these racisms are better and tolerable systems. No, they are evil and I am so glad that they have disappeared from the face of this earth, thanks and glory to our own Black Brothers and Sisters in the United States of America, South Africa and in other parts of the world where our Brothers and Sisters gave their lives and underwent all forms of unbearable miseries to save our future generations from the evil teeth of racism. We should definitely mention here those glorious and fair-minded white folks who worked with and helped our Black Brothers and Sisters for the destruction of the evil racisms.

    Now, let us look at the vicious Caste System of barbarous hindu brahminism in depth. First of all, this evil system was supposed to have created by some imaginary gods and goddesses, the so-called ‘karma’ theory where the entire blame for being the slaves – Untouchables and Outcastes, Dalits – were and are still squarely put on the victims for their sufferings. The evil Caste System was created by the racist white aryans for the first time in the world (founding fathers of RACISM in the world), and to protect and perpetuate this racism, i. e. evil Caste System, they created the barbarous Satanic Cult, hinduism, and put all the responsibilities of protecting and preserving all the evil teachings of the vicious Caste System on the imaginary millions of their gods and goddesses. Dogs and cats can freely move around into the houses of the caste-ridden hindus, but the Dalits cannot dare go into the homes of the barbarous caste hindus, nay, they cannot even go to the streets where the evil caste-infested hindus live. The slaves cannot even go near the temples where millions of hindu gods and goddesses who supposedly created the evil Caste System presumably live. Their gods and goddesses too adhere strictly to the evil Caste System and untouchability. The most heinous practice and the highest form of injustice of the Caste System is Untouchability. Not only the slaves were and are the Untouchables, but they are also Unseeables, even Unapproachables and Unshadowables and in every other inhuman ways the barbarous hindus torture the innocent millions of the Untouchables and Outcastes (Dalits). The Dalits still cannot wear shoes in the presence of the caste-infested hindus (the Dalits have to take their shoes in their hands if they see any caste-ridden hindu), cannot take water from the same well where from the barbarous caste hindus take water, and cannot sit while the caste hindus pass by, cannot ride a bicycle, cannot use an umbrella in the presence of caste hindus, in some parts of Caste India, a newly married Dalit bride will be forcefully deflowered by the obnoxious caste hindus, to name just a few cruel injustices, humiliations and indignations. Even though they are Untouchables, their women folks will become Touchables when it comes to quenching the sexual pleasures of these wild hindu beasts. For these purposes, there is absolutely no evil caste system and untouchability because they could show their power over the Dalits by these heinous acts! The same goes for the obnoxious “Satanic Cult, HINDU TEMPLE PROSTITUTION” – evil Devadasi System where young Dalit girls are forced into prostitution inside the evil hindu temples. Another gory discovery and strict implementation of the evil Caste System and the hindu Satanic Cult is “MANUAL SCAVENGING” – cleaning dry latrines and carrying human wastes on the heads – is another most dehumanizing and degrading inhuman practice imposed on the Dalits by the barbarous caste-ridden hindus with the full support of the caste-infested hindu government through the evil Caste System and the practice of the most cruel form of untouchability. If you don’t call Caste India the world’s most violent and blood dripping country on earth, then what is your explanations?

    Today, slavery and apartheid have disappeared from the face of this planet. These kinds of racisms are also fairly new and short-lived. They had hardly 200 years of existence. They could not survive any longer because, as I said earlier, they were based purely on ‘economical exploitation’, nothing more and nothing less. Also, several honest white people worked hard with the Black people to eradicate these evil racisms. But, can anyone find one hindu, a single lone hindu, to work for the demolition of the evil Caste System? No, Never! Let us now imagine that these two evil racisms were thought to be part of Christianity and Jesus Christ was the creator of these evil racisms, I bet, these evil systems of racism will still be going strong today and for many more millenniums. It is an absolute fact that racism was and still is not connected with any religion or god in any part of the world except in Caste India where the barbarous hindu gods and goddesses and its hindu Satanic Cult were and are the main source of the evil Caste System.

    On the other hand, the evil Caste System is over 3,500 years old and is still going strong, not only in Caste India, but also wherever the barbarous hindus live in the world without any exception. Go to the USA, one would easily see the evil Caste System happily flourishing on the American soil with no opposition, all under the false guise and word manipulation of ‘freedom of religion’. Just like in Caste India, in the US too, the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult is being practiced with every false propaganda, and the naïve Americans cannot even understand this evilness. By the time the Americans realize this evilness, it would be too late, and the whole land of USA would have been completely poisoned and the cancer will be totally engulfed. The barbarous hindus have no guts to face the facts with moral honesty about the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult. Morality, honesty, human compassion, etc. are all foreign to the barbarous hindus!

    The slaves are blaming themselves for their sufferings, because the so-called barbarous hindu gods are supposedly punishing the slaves, the Dalits, for their imaginary bad deeds in their so-called previous lives. When the slaves blame themselves for their sufferings with the tacit approval and cruel enforcement of the barbarous caste-ridden hindus, who can help the ignorant, illiterate and desperately poor Dalits, no one can possibly help them! When the slaves are enjoying their slavery (may be out of shear ignorance and stupidity), who can possibly help them? No one, I presume, no one at all, except the egalitarian world community can wake up and give the Dalits the “TRUE EDUCATION” about this world menace, the evil Caste System of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult. Have the so-called gods and goddesses of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult come down to earth to tell the slaves, the Dalits, that they are being punished for their specific misdeeds or crimes in their so-called previous lives? Why don’t the slaves, the Dalits, revolt? They are that dumb, made further dumber by the obnoxious hindu Satanic Cult and therefore they are being subjugated into these heinous inhuman enslavements by the barbarous hindus with the full support of the hindu Satanic Cult. If the Dalits ever revolt, they will be suitably dealt with in every available heinous means on hand (they are currently too punished by the caste-ridden hindus with the willing help of police, administration, judiciary and every other official mechanism available to the poisonous hindus) to put the Dalits in their slave position. There are plenty of laws in Caste India against untouchability, and every other atrocities against Dalits – but have any of these laws ever be implemented anytime in Caste India? No! Never!! Because these laws are only on books – mere words written on a piece of paper – no one can eat a fruit drawn on a paper! Right!! Numerous Dalits are butchered everyday! Every Dalit is oppressed and suppressed mentally and physically from the day he/she is born!! Thousands of Dalit women are paraded naked, rapped and gang rapped. But, have anyone heard of these animals who perpetrated these heinous crimes punished ever? No! Why? Before the ink dries on writing about one crime, the evil hindus commit hundreds of crimes on Dalits trenched in blood, all with the full support and encouragement of the evil caste hindu machinery. It is because the criminals are committing all these crimes as per the teachings of the hindu Satanic Cult. Also, the so-called laws and rules of Caste India do not make these hindu criminals feel a bit scared or afraid. All the laws are in fact dead-letter laws in Caste India. When the Dalits occasionally gather enough courage to go to the police to file a complaint against the evil caste hindus, the police routinely file cases against the Dalits themselves, torture them and put them in jails. No laws against the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult ever are implemented in Caste India – BANANA Republic! – A country of LAW OF JUNGLE or JUNGLE RAJ!!

    When a hard-core right wing, highly placed barbarous hindu in Caste Indian government can proclaim that Caste System is this country’s (Caste India’s) culture and an internal affair and therefore no one in the world can talk about it, what do all the so-called hindu intelligentsia and the social scientists say? Nothing, and maintain absolute silence, and this is the reason why we call them intellectual prostitutes. What do the so-called politically elected representatives and leaders of the Dalit slave community say? Also nothing, nothing at all, because they cannot think, their brains are completely dead, they in fact have no brains to even think and act and therefore they obediently follow the orders of their masters like obedient dogs wagging their tails blindly even though they are being insulted, oppressed and subjugated by their masters, the barbarous caste hindus. Therefore, we call them (most of them anyway with very few exceptions) the political prostitutes! This is another reason why Caste India is not a democracy. It is a joke – a criminal joke – that the international community keeps calling Caste India a democracy as discussed above; it is in fact the graveyard of democracy. By calling Caste India a democracy, the international community in fact is aiding and supporting the caste-ridden hindus to continue to humiliate and oppress the 300 plus million Dalits as Untouchables and sub-human beings. The world has to accept responsibility for these heinous crimes that continue to occur in Caste India everyday of the year. The world community, by keeping complete silence, obviously adding fuel to the evil caste fire and thus the caste atrocities continue with added vigor of blood-spitting and complete arrogance. The evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult is the poison that bred moral decay in all areas of life of the Dalits.

    The cruel racist white aryans created the evil Caste System and then to protect this evil Caste System, they created the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult and millions of gods and goddesses and tons and tons of superstitions, rituals, dogmas, reincarnation, and every other brain deadening beliefs and scary threats to humans, particularly to Dalits through evil, filthy, trash and the hate-spitting poisonous so-called hindu Satanic Cult ‘scriptures’. If the evil Caste System is destroyed, the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult will collapse right away. Without the evil Caste System, there is no hindu Satanic Cult! As a matter of fact, the evil Caste System is the bedrock on which the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult stands. As said earlier, hindu Satanic Cult was created to protect and preserve the evil Caste System – the VARNA system. Anyone who enjoys the benefits of the evil Caste System, they will do every thing in their power to perpetuate and to continue the evil Caste System using all their intellectual dishonesty. If there is only one hindu on this planet, then I guarantee that there will be at least two castes, may be more, but a minimum of two castes! This is the reality of the facts about the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult, and the barbarous caste-ridden hindus. It is the worst cancer that human beings ever could have encountered! So, as long as the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult is practiced on this earth, the evil Caste System will happily be dancing away continuously and freely, killing millions of Dalits using the ORIGINAL RACISM, the evil Caste System, both physically and much more so mentally. The real racism, Varna System, i.e. the evil Caste System of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult, is the mother of Racism, Fascism and Nazism. If anyone goes into the origins of all these evil systems, one would easily find out that the evil Caste System was the originator of all these evil racisms through its VARNA i.e. RACE theory. White aryans were the first in this world to create racism some 3,500 years back, by means of Varna, i. e. COLOR or RACISM. One of the most notorious evil persons in the world, Hitler, had held the evil hindu teachings in high esteem and in fact borrowed the evil hindu symbol “Swastika” to represent his evil Nazism. Hitler also believed that hinduism was the essence of aryan superiority race theory and therefore faithfully followed this belief. There is a racist Nazi in the United States of America, David Duke, and he said that his belief in white supremacy and white racism got reinforced after his visit to Caste India. Wherever evil deeds of racism have taken place in this world, no matter where and when, it could easily be traced out that they borrowed the evil teachings of the hindu Satanic Cult, VARNA, the race superiority theory, to sustain their evil beliefs. In fact, the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult, i. e. its evil Caste System, is the father and mother of Racism, Fascism and Nazism. This world would have been a far better place to live without this barbarous hindu Satanic Cult and its evil Caste System.

    The words “compassion and kindness” do not even exist in the evil hindu dictionary and ethos. Treating someone else, as an “equal” has never been part of the barbarous hindu teachings. But, when it comes to his/her own caste, the barbarous hindus will do anything and everything in the name of his/her own evil Caste! Brotherhood and sisterhood are absolutely foreign to the evil hindus. A good and decent religion teaches (or should teach) its followers to treat his/her fellow human beings as another human being with compassion, kindness and human decency with brotherhood, sisterhood and fundamental human love. But the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult taught and is still teaching to treat another human being on the basis of the evil Caste System, as inferior and filthy Untouchables, using every other derogatory, bigoted and indecent means and with complete inhuman contempt. This is the reason that the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult is not a religion, but a Satanic Cult or Demonic Cult. The barbarous hindu Satanic Cult is not a religion, it will never be a religion, and my humble request to you all is that nobody should refer to the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult as a religion. It would be a grave insult to the egalitarian religions of the world! It is hindu Satanic Cult, the white Aryan HINDU HATE PHILOSOPHY!

    The evil caste system is strictly based on the rule of “ascending order of reverence and descending order of contempt”, fully supporting the creation, protection and the perpetuation of the various evil castes and sub-castes of the evil Caste System. The evil Caste System is so heinous that it teaches a child that he/she is an Untouchables the day he/she is born. That too, his/her own mother would tell this obnoxious reality of Caste India to the child, a well designed blot on humanity by the evil hindu Satanic Cult. Have any one of you heard more heart wrenching and blood spitting cruel acts than this, and all these are done with the complete support and approval of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult? The evil Caste System has created extreme bloody violence with abhorrent conditions. There is absolutely no self-respect, self-esteem, freedom, liberty, human dignity, self-confidence, self-pride, self-assertiveness, self-love for the Dalits, but lots of self-hatred, self-anger, self-shame, inferiority complex, all for no fault of theirs, but because of the poisonous teachings and the perpetuation of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult. So the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult is not only a physical slavery system like the classical racism, but a much more gory system of mental slavery and the evil practice of untouchability indoctrinated from the day a child is born to a Dalit parent by putting a stamp on the innocent human being as Untouchable, Unseeable, Unapproachable, Unspeakable, Unshadowable, filthy and worthless sub or inferior human being!

    It may be, to an extent, an academic exercise to try to define and confuse the meanings of the words caste and race, as desired by the barbarous hindus and as discussed above. Particularly the evil hindus may not even agree with the above approach. Let us forget that, as we can never get the truth from the barbarous hindus anyway! Instead, let us focus on the causes and effects of the two evil racisms on human beings. Any honest individual can easily say that the evil Caste System is the worst case of any racism and this evil Caste System has been suffocating some 300 million plus Dalits in Caste India alone, even today which is happily going on since last 3,500 years, ever since the evil white aryans stepped into our mother land India and made Caste India as the most violent country in the world. It is a pure and simple intellectual prostitution if anyone could oppose the international community to discuss the evil Caste System, immoral, unjust and intolerable system, along with racism in the UN forum. All those who suffer under this evil Caste System and all those who came from this community should march to South Africa to raise in ONE VOICE to tell all the truths about the evil Caste System so that the whole world would hear and possibly spit on the faces of the obnoxious hindus while proclaiming that the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult is not only Racism, but the evil Caste System is in fact Racism, Fascism and Nazism, all rolled into one huge evilness of the worst kind that this planet has ever encountered. Let our voices and views be heard loud and clear around the world, and if the evil hindus say that the Caste System is an internal matter, we should tell them that it cannot be an internal matter after 3,500 years of havoc that killed the human spirit and the countless murders, rapes, burning, subjugation, persecution and every atrocity imaginable, and the very existence of 300 plus million Dalits as Untouchables in Caste India alone is simply unbearable and the world community as a whole should be ashamed of itself for this human tragedy the world has never seen before and hopefully it will never see again except in Caste India. Human dignity, social justice and social equality are completely killed by the evil Caste System of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult. And the world would do well if it could throw the evil Caste System and the Satanic Cult, hinduism, both (one cannot be killed without the other, both should be killed simultaneously or if the hindu Satanic Cult somehow is luckily killed, the evil Caste System will automatically follow its own demise!) into the middle of the sea as deep as possible so that this evilness will never again show its ugly and filthy face on this planet earth or on any other planet for that matter. Social Justice cannot be achieved as long as the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult is practiced anywhere on any planet. It would be a tremendous psychological boost for the Dalits if the international community could discus the gory evil issues of the obnoxious Caste System of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult. This will also be a seal of approval for the Dalits’ struggle and a serious warning to the barbarous hindus that the world is no more a silent spectator in this gruel game of the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult, its millions of gods and goddesses and its tons of superstitions, dogmas, rituals, karmas, and every other conceivable cock and bull evil stories. The world community should not let the flame of freedom lit by the Dalits die down and should do everything in its power to kill the evil hindu Caste System. But, never add fuel to the flame of the evil caste hindus in their cunning game of killing the Dalits with evil disguise, taught by the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult.

    Until and unless the world community discusses non-stop the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult, the barbarous hindus will continue to tell the world that the evil Caste System is an internal matter so that they can continue to kill, both mental and physical genocide, at their will and pleasure with the full support of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult. The 300 plus million Dalits of Caste India who are being continuously suffocated under this evil Caste System of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult will not forget and forgive the international community if it does not recognize their terrible sufferings for over 3,500 years solely due to the evil Caste System of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult. Please do the right thing, the honest thing, and the decent human thing by punishing the evil caste-infested hindus in the international arena. Please put the barbarous caste-ridden hindus in proper place and save humanity once in for all.

    The evil racial apartheid system was dismantled only because of intense pressure put forward by the international community, in addition to the tireless efforts by the African American community of United States of America. Hon. Nelson Mandela describes as to how the evil racism apartheid was destroyed in South Africa in his autobiographical book “Long Walk To Freedom” (Little, Brown and company, 1994), “International pressure mounted. More companies left South Africa. The American Congress had passed a sweeping sanctions bill.” In addition, he says that “An oppressive system cannot be reformed, I said, it must be entirely cast aside”. Why has the world community kept silence as well as going along with the oppressors of 300 plus million Dalits, the barbarous hindus, with completely blood-socked hands as co-conspirators?

    Also, the international community is blindly making statements without ever thinking the consequences or the root of any statements they make. For example, a past leading politician of England once said that “…is International PARAIAH”, “…. Will be treated like a PARAIAH”. Has anyone ever thought through as to the meaning of the word “PARAIAH”? This word, PARAIAH, is an evil Caste word, to supposedly represent the poor Dalits. Does this mean that the international community accepts and supports the evil Caste System, or does it show their complete lack of understanding about Caste India and the evil Caste System of the barbarous hindu Satanic Cult?

    If the evil caste-infested hindus say that they will eliminate the evil caste system, please ask them one simple question as to “how they propose to accomplish this task?” If they say that untouchability has been already abolished in the Constitution, then let us ask them as to why so many of the Dalits are butchered, their women folks raped and every other evilness dancing on the soil of Caste India so happily every day. The Dalits have to tell them and the international community that anything can be written on a piece of paper and they do not matter unless they are implemented properly all the time. They are toothless paper tigers to cheat the international community. The police, the judiciary, the bureaucrats, the media (both the print and the electronic), politicians, prisoners, the jailers and even the hangmen all belong to the caste-infested hindus and for them the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult is more important that justice, social justice and human justice.

    In Caste India, everything is based on the evil Caste and nothing moves or shakes without the full influence of the evil Caste. And the Dalits are suffering untold miseries for centuries. The world, which helped to destroy and abolish the root and branch of the evil apartheid from South Africa, why does it keep quiet with respect to the much more vicious and poisonous evil Caste System?

    The Dalits need and wish a “real beginning” for their dignified life with the help of the international community for an international human justice and its understanding of all the evil happenings in Caste India for the past 3,500 years. Worst human right violations than any other racism can ever create or even imagine that have been happening in Caste India every day for the past 3,500 years! Killing the evil Caste System will automatically and immediately kill all types of racism in the world, as the mother of all evilness in the world, Satanic Cult hinduism, is killed, there will not be any racism of any type, including the most heinous and venomous racism, the evil Caste System, in this world.

    If you tell and treat a person with all available force that he/she is inferior, worthless, Untouchable, meant only for dirty, filthy and slave works, everyday since their births that too supposedly ordained by some evil gods and goddesses, how could that person ever be a normal human being? This is what the barbarous Satanic Cult, hinduism, has been and is perpetuating to 300 plus million Dalits for the last 3,500 years. Is the world going to allow this evilness to go on unchecked and look the other side like a bunch of innocent bystanders? No, No way, this cannot be allowed and the international community has to come together once in for all to eradicate and write the obituary of the evil Caste System and the Satanic Cult, hinduism, and suitably punish the barbarous hindus for all their evil deeds during the last 3,500 years. One cannot be killed without the other being killed, so both the evils, Caste System and hindu Satanic Cult, have to be killed simultaneously to free this world from the most evil and original racism, the EVIL CASTE SYSTEM of the HINDU SATANIC CULT! The world community should know or at least try to learn the facts that the classical racisms, slavery and apartheid, will pale into insignificance in front of the most heinous hindu Caste System.

    Segregation is racism, oppression is racism, subjugation is racism, persecution is racism, cruelty is racism, untouchability is much more evil than any form of racism; in essence the evil CASTE SYSTEM is the MOTHER of ALL RACISM!! The world community has an obligation to the permanently suffering 300 plus million Dalits to study the evil Caste System and its cruel untouchability to deliver the facts, nothing but the facts, based on human and social justice. Therefore, let your deliberations in this Conference on the unique evil racism, Caste System, start with a big bang and also end with a bigger bang, and definitely not with a sad whimper as the evil hindus and the barbarous hindu government of Caste India are hoping for. If you surrender to the lies of the barbarous hindus, then you would definitely be adding fuel to the already burning out of control fire of the most evil Caste System of the barbarous Satanic Cult, hinduism.

    You go to Caste India yourself to study and gather the facts about the evil Caste System. The evil Caste System, with full of prejudice and hate, is a very complex, vicious and inhuman system, as described above, and a compelling and detailed close look at this poison by the honest world community is the urgent need of the hour to save millions of permanently suffering depressed and deprived Dalits who live with no dignity, simple human dignity, whatsoever, at the hands of the barbarous hindus using the evil Caste System of the hindu Satanic Cult. But, please do absolutely make sure that you go to the sufferers of the obnoxious Caste System, the Dalits, and not the oppressors, the barbarous Caste hindus, as what Mr. Bill Clinton and others have so for done and in turn caused a grave injustice and added more agony to the already suffering 300 plus million helpless Dalits of Caste India.

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  3. Thank you for your kind references and informed article.

    Brad Hoffstetter
    Communications Division
    Assembly of good Christians

  4. Ashutosh Kumar

    I am lost for words. If this truly emanated from your mind it is excellent. My appreciation is not because I am anti Christian , in fact I have the greatest regards for the teachings of Christ, but because you have, in a simple manner, highlighted the prevailing hypocrisy in India (Media) which insists on trashing all that is Hindu while touting Christianity as the greatest thing since sliced bread.

    Christs teachings, unadulterated by the Church, are pointers to the Truth, easily recognized by most Hindus. Hence he occupies an exalted place in most Hindu homes. Could one be more secular!

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