Books, leaves and Gurus

My wife received a painted leaf in an ebay order, which is shown in the picture on the left. After some research I confirmed that this is a picture of Shiva and Parvati, and found that it is painted on a skeleton leaf from a sacred fig tree.

Many Hindus that to develop spirituality past a certain stage one needs a guru. They also say not to worry about not having one, when you are ready a guru will find you. Despite this I still used to worry about how in the UK I would find a guru. Well, I have not found one yet, but I no longer worry, and the fig leaf is part of the reason.

The fig leaf with the picture of Shiva, my ishta deva, is one of a number of events, where something has connected with me spiritually even when I am not actively looking. I deliberately alternate my reading of books on Hinduism with fiction books, to keep balanced. Many of the books, that I have read without knowing what they are about, have given me a spiritual message and increased my understanding. Labyrinth, by Kate Mosse caused me how to think on how unresolved karma between people has to be solved in a future life. Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchel let me feel what I understood, that what may seem to be cruel and pointless in the short term may be necessary over several life times.

These are just a couple of examples. In short, I feel that I am being guided. If ans when I need a guru one will find me, I am certain of that now.

9 responses to “Books, leaves and Gurus

  1. The best and the only guru I had a chance of knowing was my own Father, and since he passed on 7 years ago, I’m just and only able to reflect on his words. Yes I hope that some guru would find me someday but I might never know that there actually is one guru too near but yet very far away. Its itside of me, in all of us. One day, when I’m ready, and when I have truly understood beyond just practice, He will will show itself. One’s destruction and salvation is all within oneself. No need to look further. Guidance might come in the form of Gurus, but the best guide is yourself. Then, one can be a guidance to others. Ancient scripts are meant to mean more than what you read. There will be more forms of Gurus in yourlifetime. Enjoy it.

  2. ‘Ready’ is too simple a term, and aatmas of a higher nature don’t feel the boundaries of nations. Don’t worry—Don’t work on it- Work on the other details which will bring you there.

  3. Thanks for your insightful comments RaulRaj.

  4. Chris,
    Have u read about Shirdi Sai Baba. He was a saint who lived in his physical form, from abt 1840 to 1918. He is considered one of the most premier saints of modern India. In ur free time you may want to read up about him.

    You can find a lot material on him from this below site.

    If you plan to read about him. You can start with the Sai Satcharitha. I have a copy pasted a link of it below.

    Remember its an English prose translation of the original Marathi poetic work, by a devotee called Hemadpant. But the English translator(N.V Gunaji) sometimes switches from a first person account to a second person account. So it can be a little confusing in the beginning.

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