Taking Pride in Westerners Converting to Hinduism

I came across a thread in Orkut discussing Westerners converting to Hinduism. One of the posters said that there was a danger in taking pride in Westerners converting, because it confirmed a “colonial mindset”, and an opinion that a Westerner being interested somehow validated Hindu beliefs. I can see that pride for this reason is a bad thing, but I don’t think it has to be for this reason. Here is an edited reply that I left on the thread:

In my opinion it is not necessarily bad to feel pleased that a Westerner converts. I agree with Shetty that it can be a bad thing if it is seen as giving some stamp of approval (which Hinduism definitely does not need) but it doesn’t have to mean that. Look at Christians, when they convert people they are not looking for approval. If anything they have the attitude that they have the best religion and are bringing it to people who need civilizing!

Actually, I think many Indians are surprised at how much the West needs civilizing. To quote from a blog entry by an Indian who came to the West and was surprised at how degenerate Britain is:

Been there, done it. I have aped the West to my hearts content.
Till I arrived in the west, and realise how stupid I was aping the first world apes. The West in so many ways, is more empty than Mother Hubbard’s cupboards.

There is more about this in the comments following the blog entry. I have heard other Hindus in the west say that they expected much more in Britain. Whereas there are some good things in the west it is hardly a utopia, and spirituality is something particularly lacking. Much religion in the West is cultural. Sign up as a Christian and carry on as usual – thats it you’re saved.

So if you feel proud that Hinduism has brought spirituality to some people in the West then I think it’s fine. Also feel happy for those who have found a path towards God, and began to detach from empty materialism and stagnation.

8 responses to “Taking Pride in Westerners Converting to Hinduism

  1. Ajay talreja

    All religions are working on force principal expect Hinduism ,wait for correct time the world will be balanced with right religion we actually dont have to work hard but go on spreading true love to humanity

  2. Westerners adopting Hinduism is quite different from nonwesterners taking up abrhamic faiths. In the case of a westerner, I see a seeker setting out on the path of search for truth and fails to get any out of his born faith, gets lost and after sometimes stumbles upon Hinduism and though initially remains skeptical after peeling off the superficial layers of tradition and myth, there he finds the shining truth about him having a link with the eternal Brahman.
    Once the new entrant understands the doctrines of Hinduism and the oneness of it all (Advaita), there is no point of return for him/her. Some brown born hindus (like me) have turned anxious and remained aloof to the incoming seekers. It is wrong and more importantly it is adharma to suspect ones integrity. The entire world is one big family, the Vedas said. The new hindus stretch themselves to the limits to research Hinduism and remain steadfast in their conviction, more than the born brown ones in most cases. A day will come only the westerners will stand as frontline soldiers defending Hinduism, sooner than later sometime later in this century /kaliyuga.
    Who owns Brahman, if I may ask? The newcomers don’t need any stamp of approval from the so called self appointed owners of the faith. For they don’t own it, its just they remained watchmen up until recently, that’s all; only Brahman owns his faith, he hasn’t approved any middle men, ever. Vedas are for all to study. Hinduism encourages free self inquiry as a basic tenet and a right of all people. Diversity strengthens the faith. Om Tat Sat.

  3. bull shit hinduism is a **** [Tandava: expletive removed] religion only the vedas are true and i can a connection between vedas and the old testment prajapathi and all oly dat part is true and even i true

    other gods like rama krishna shiva all these gods never existed they were just made by these bhramins to rule the society bloody bastards i hate the bhramins **** [Tandava: expletive removed] bhramins

    • I think you have made it clear now, from your total lack of respect for other religions, equation of Prajaphti with Yahweh and pathological hatred of Brahmins, and acceptance that lying for your faith is good, that you are a Christian. How sad that you have been steered from truth, taught lies and taught to lie.

  4. i feel foolish to believe in hinduism

  5. ritesh, what are you doing here?
    Find your own company…..elsewhere,
    unless you need some clarifications on hindu faith.

  6. Some time I feel very bad when people of Abhrahmic faith Redecule Sanatan dharma by using fake HIndu Names…After 2 or 3 comments you came to know about their mentality..they can’t counter argument logically..they just talk about the refuted things ..Say and Walk away..

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