Many faces of a man

“Do you know who the most important person in town”, said Andrew, “It is the policeman. Without him we would not be safe, and traders would move away. He is the most important person in town.

Maria thought about this and replied. “What you say is true, but what is really important about this town? People miles away come and see it because of our famous author. Without him nobody would have heard of this place any further away than the next village.”

A small boy, of about four years old, named Jim was listenning. “I think that the best person in the town is my dad. He can play football, and buys me toys, and make me laugh with his funny faces. He makes me better when I get hurt and tells me lots of things.”

Maria and Andrew smiled at him. “OK Jim”, said Andrew, “if your dad’s so great you should be getting home. Its almost tea time!

Jim went home and saw his dad. “Dad, Andrew down the road says that the policeman’s the best person in town. I told him that my dad was the best!”. Jim’s dad said “Well that’s very kind of both of you. You know that when I am at work I am the policeman!”.

Ah yes said Jim, but looked a bit puzzled. Jim’s dad knew that it was hard for small children to understand how people could have different roles. He remembered how his older son had reacted when he had to tell him and some of his friends to stop climbing on some garage roofs. It came as a nasty surprise that “but dad” did not work when his father was acting in his official capacity.

Just then Jim’s mother came in. “Hello you two”, she said, then turning to Jim’s father said. “You got a letter from the publishers today. They like your new book, and wonder whether it is going to be the start of a new series….”

A mere human can have different roles and relate differently to different people. If a limited person can do this, how much more so can God?

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