Quantum Theory and Vishnu

I have been thinking about a conversation between two work colleagues. One of them I will call Allan believes that everything has a natural cause. S is what you would call a committed atheist. Another colleague who I will call Bill pointed out that quantum theory suggests that a reality will only exist when observed by a consciousness, which causes a collapse of the wave function. This implies that there must have been consciousness at the beginning of the Universe. Bill believed that this consciousness came into existence at the same time as the universe as a property of matter, a sort of panpsychism. The theory also fits in very well with the idea of the conscious of Vishnu and the ultimate reality of Brahman being all that surviving between universes, and the cyclic ending of old universes and beginnings of new ones.

It is amusing that the Abrahamic religions go out of their way to distort science to make it fit their creation story. Dharmic religions do not do this, there is no reason why we should expect truths at a spiritual level to predict what we observer in Maya. Even so, the existence of a very old cyclic universe fits in much better with Hinduism’s teachings than with that of the Abrahamic religions!

4 responses to “Quantum Theory and Vishnu

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  4. Nice Post, due to the cyclic wave effect we are always reborn into the world- the concept of reincarnation. In each life time that we are born into, we take the knowledge we acquire into the next life we are born into. Some times our personalities remain the same in our next live on earth, so it is necessary for us to do the right thing and make the right efforts as it remains with us for eternity!

    Thanks for the wonderful post!

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