What Hinduism has to Offer

What attracts me to Hinduism more than to other religions? Well there are several things. Firstly Hinduism is consistent with the goodness, mercy and love of God in a way other religions are not. Some religions claim that God is good and loving, but then say that only those who believe their particular religion (or even sect within a religion) will be saved. All others, no matter how good they are will be condemned to eternal punishment. I cannot see how this can be if God is good and merciful.

Also Hinduism acknowledges that spiritual progress is our own responsibility. I know that all major religions encourage leading a good life and spiritual awareness, but in some religions this has nothing to do with your spiritual destination. In these other religions a good person of another faith is condemned, whereas a believer will be forgiven no matter what kind of debaucheries they commit. How can heaven remain heaven if there are murderers, thieves and so on? Surely only the spiritually pure can go to heaven, and this must involve some change of self.

Hinduism gives practical ways of increasing spiritual purity and becoming closer to God. Also, it acknowledges that at heart we are pure and good. In this context spiritual progress is self realisation. In contrast some other religions see us as evil at heart, tainted with original sin. This means that spiritual progress is seen as a denial of the true self.

Some religions see themselves as incidental to every day life. People turn up for services and to receive forgiveness, then go on their way. My wife pointed out to me that Hinduism encourages spirituality as an integral part of life. Bhakti yoga in sees this as the main path to enlightenment.

Finally, Hinduism sees validity in all religions. All are seen as possible paths to God. This does not mean that Hinduism is purely relativistic. Hinduism is the original pure religion. Other religions started when prophets were not fully understood. The “Sermon on the mount according to Vedanta” illustrates how Hinduism can show the true messge from Jesus.

5 responses to “What Hinduism has to Offer

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  3. Namasthe: Your statement ” Hinduism sees validity in all religions. All are seen as possible paths to God.” is an excellent description of Hinduism.

    The best aspect of Hinduism is “ABSOLUTE FREEDOM OF THOUGHTS AND ACTIONS.” Even an atheist can condemn Hinduism in the market place and later proudly proclaim he is a Hindu.

    Hinduism does NOT proclaim monopoly on GOD or TRUTH or SALVATION. Anyone even atheists can attain salvation or SELF-REALIZATION as long as they search after truth.

    Hindu scriptures state, “Man’s problem is the FALSE KNOWLEDGE that he is the perishable body. The moment he realizes that he is the immortal soul within and not the perishable material body, he attains salvation.

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