My first visit to a Hindu temple

I wrote before that I was worried about visiting a Hindu temple, because I did not know what the “real Hindus” would think . Well, thanks to Deepak on the Orkut site, I finally got the courage to visit. Deepak reminded me of the story of the father, the son and the donkey. This story reminded me that if we always worry about what others think we will end up doing nothing.

Anyway, I need not have worried. I arrived at the temple at a quiet time and the only person there was a priest who was looking through some papers. I performed a namaste to the deities and then sat down and meditated for a while. The priest finished his papers and asked whether he could help me. I asked him about some of the deities that I did not recognise and he told me about them. He then offered me prashad and some holy water, which I took. A younger man came in and told me that they were preparing for a function so the priest could not talk to me for long. The priest said that he was going to perform a short puja before the function and asked whether I would like to stay. During this time several other people came an went, and all greeted me in a friendly manner.

What struck me was how I really felt at home in this place, there was an atmosphere of holiness, peace and friendliness. As I left the priest asked me if I would come again, and I told him that I would. He said that he would tell me more about Hinduism but would also learn from me. He was a very approachable, peaceful and humble man, I know from the website that he has a Phd. and he still said that he wanted to learn from me. And to think that I was worried about being thought of as an ignorant non-Hindu!

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  3. Hi all
    This is N.V.Bapu, pl visit and help us in renovation work of the temple.

    The village named ‘Nurkunam’ which means good hearted people and in the course of the time it changed into Nerkunam. The village is surrounded by greenish fields. The highlights of the village are Lord Muruga’s temple on small hill called Pasumalai and on the plain Lord Vaikuntavasa Perumal Temple.

    We all know that foreign invaders demolished the Hindu Temples all over India. To safeguard the statues (vigraham) of the temples, the bakthas hidden the statues in the ground. One such statue is the Sri Vaikuntavasa Perumal.

    The Sri Vaikuntavasa Perumal came in the dreams of Sri.Venkataraman and told him that he is been hidden near Doniyaru, a place near Nerkunam. The villagers dug the ground and found the Sri Vaikuntavasa Perumal statue.

    The Sri Vaikuntavasa Perumal statue is one of the rarest and beautiful statues. Archeologists say that the vigraham of Sri Vaikuntavasa Perumal might belong to the period of Later Pallavas. A temple was constructed for Sri Vaikuntavasa Perumal before 200 years.

    Sri.Venkataraman looked after the temple. After his period the family members took care of the temple and they have planned to renovate the temple. The initial renovation work has already started. Sri.Muthuswamy Dheekshadhar and Kanchi Kamatchi Peeta Periyava Sri Chandrasekara Swamigal visited the temple for worship. It is believed that people with mental disorders by visiting this temple get cured.

    An appeal is made to all good hearted people to donate liberally for renovation work. Donations may be sent to the following address by DD/Cash/Cheque to

    Vaikuntavasa Perumal Temple Renovation Committee


    18 A “Balaji”, III Main Road, United India Colony,


    Chennai – 600 024

    Tamilnadu, India


    Phone: +91 9841706089, +91 44 24811894

    Location: Nerkunam, 15 kms from Vandavasi, Thiruvanamalai District.

  4. I want my wife mary asaba juliana who divioce me to come back to her marriage.
    emmanuel idigu.

  5. I can in no way verify or condone this request for money. Before sending anything please carry out your own checks to see if it is genuine.

    Requesting Co-operation for the Renovation of Historical Temple

    Hi All,

    As per above cited subject Sri Anantha Padmanabha Subramanya temple Manoor, Neemarga, Mangalore India is an ancient, historical and regional temple for the 7 villages of Mangalore region which is considered to be very powerful sacred place which is now in a decayed condition.

    We are happy to say that the renovation of temple is started with the help of honorable devotees of Mangalore and surrounding places. It is estimated that the cost for renovation is more than one crore rupees. To achieve this sacred great task the cooperation of devotees from far and wide is must.

    In this context we request you to help us in this great task and to receive the blessings of God.

    You kind help could be sent to following address:

    Anantha padmanabha subramanya Jeernodhara Samithi

    Account no 8320

    Vijaya bank, Pedamale post, Neermarga Mangalore -575029

    Kindly visit our temple website for details:

    Thanking you. Awaiting for your favorable reply

    With regards,

    Sri Srinivasa Alva

    Managing Trustee

    Sri Anantha Padmanabha Subramanya temple

    Manoor, Neermarga, Mangalore – 575029

    Contact No.

    09880331898 09341631001. 0824-3200454

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  9. Thank You

    very much. The renovation of above said temple successfully finished. If anybody visit India can also visit this temple when they visit Mnagalore.


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